Sunday, April 4, 2010

Invitees in Shoaib- Sania Marriage ceremony

• Probable invitees in Shoaib-Sania marriage.

Md.Azharuddin- Famous wristy cricketer from Hyderabad.His efforts against betting with Late Hansie Cronje and Salim Malik has helped the three nation’s police work together. He is now continuing his services to the people of Moradabad from where he is a M.P. Shoaib being a pakistani admires the examples set by the legandary cricketer.

Javed Miandad- Famous paki cricketer whose samdhiji is a well known social worker from india(after all he has helped India in reducing population by his bomb planting leadership skills)now he is in a deputation at pakistan getting indepth training from the innocent ISI.

Shahrukh Khan- His love and concern for the neighbouring country cricket team is widely acclaimed by the leaders of the two country.After all he is messiah for the Shoaibs,yousufs and younus.Everyone knows his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist.

Dilip Kumar(Yousuf Bhai)- His Nishan e pakistan award reflects his love towards the peace loving neighbour.His presence in Vaalima will add more spice in the keema, especially prepared for his toothless mouth which only utters urdu. Kaun Kambakht hindi bolne ki zurrat karta hai hum to bas urdu bolte hain……..

M.F.Hussain- Presence of indian born Qatari Picasso is also neccesary afterall he will gift a portray of Sania painted in the same manner as he has painted Goddess Saraswati and Bharatmata.His artistic freedom and his liberal imagination will lead to a great painting of Sania.Shoaib will be happy to find his bride in a Kate Winslet style international flavour.

the list continues with Mahesh Bhatt,Arundhati Roy,Teesta Sitalvad etc.