Sunday, April 4, 2010

Invitees in Shoaib- Sania Marriage ceremony

• Probable invitees in Shoaib-Sania marriage.

Md.Azharuddin- Famous wristy cricketer from Hyderabad.His efforts against betting with Late Hansie Cronje and Salim Malik has helped the three nation’s police work together. He is now continuing his services to the people of Moradabad from where he is a M.P. Shoaib being a pakistani admires the examples set by the legandary cricketer.

Javed Miandad- Famous paki cricketer whose samdhiji is a well known social worker from india(after all he has helped India in reducing population by his bomb planting leadership skills)now he is in a deputation at pakistan getting indepth training from the innocent ISI.

Shahrukh Khan- His love and concern for the neighbouring country cricket team is widely acclaimed by the leaders of the two country.After all he is messiah for the Shoaibs,yousufs and younus.Everyone knows his name is Khan and he is not a terrorist.

Dilip Kumar(Yousuf Bhai)- His Nishan e pakistan award reflects his love towards the peace loving neighbour.His presence in Vaalima will add more spice in the keema, especially prepared for his toothless mouth which only utters urdu. Kaun Kambakht hindi bolne ki zurrat karta hai hum to bas urdu bolte hain……..

M.F.Hussain- Presence of indian born Qatari Picasso is also neccesary afterall he will gift a portray of Sania painted in the same manner as he has painted Goddess Saraswati and Bharatmata.His artistic freedom and his liberal imagination will lead to a great painting of Sania.Shoaib will be happy to find his bride in a Kate Winslet style international flavour.

the list continues with Mahesh Bhatt,Arundhati Roy,Teesta Sitalvad etc.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

VCR Days-3

Scroll down for part-1 & 2.

“Main tujhe sabak sikha ke rahungi u bastard”and walks away as she is walking on a Ramp endorsing Reena Dhaka’s nonsense dress. Rakesh Bedi with one of his bespectacled friends provokes Mithun Da resulting oath from Dada ‘Iska guroor todna hoga’.

In a fraction of second Shakti Kapoor with his mawali friends try to looted the ijjat of the heroni stops Mandabikini near the badminton court saying
“kamini bahot ghamand hai tuje apni jawani pe main aaj tera ghamand todunga”

with bated breath I anticipated Ram teri Ganga maili kind of paisa vasool stuff but all in vain as our Mithun Da jumped from the fifth floor of the building to save her. (I still think! Wat da hell he was doing on the 5th floor and y his name was not registered in Guinness Records after all he has broken the record of Sargei Bubka). Suresh Kalmadi should rethink Dada's candidature for long jump and high jump in coming commonwealth games.

Dada pulped Shakti and his friends with new form of martial arts which can even give complex to Jetli( Fascinating fact: Mithunda is also a Li…..???? Bengali)

This was enough to lighten the spark of love in Mandabikini’s heart and within a minute’s exchange of the 3 words ILU both were in switzerland singing Anand Bakshi song with the maha romantic voice of Mohd.Aziz(Munna) and Anuradha Paudwal.The scientists are still working hard to know the secret of transpacing within seconds from Mumbai to Switzerland.

After college scene Mithun Da reached his home which was in a slum area. Nirupama Roy who played the widow mother of the hero was very ill and use to sew clothes of the mohalla wala while her healthy sister played by Tanvi Azmi is unwed and doing bartan kapda for her time pass. Both of them wearing old faded and torn clothes but our hero Mithun Da’s eshtyle resembles him to Prince Charles.

After the lunch, Nirupama Roy’s started coughing on a very high intensity and the frustu sister offering last few drops of Glycodin(khasi ke liye to bas glycodin) which failed to stop the asthmatic attack. Doctor (Iftekhar Khan) came and after examining closely to same aged Nirupama Roy with his sexothoscope
the doctor ask Mithun to came outside and says

‘Inhe dil ka daura pada hai maine inhe neend ka injection de diya hai aur kuch dawaiya bhi likhi hai par inke lungs ka operation jaldi se jaldi karwana padega’

To be continued...............

VCR Days-2

The film continues in the college with the middle aged hero with his shaved side locks (Apna Bengali Mithun Da) sitting in the Hindi period with his 4- 5 friends who are majorly failed actors like Rakesh Bedi(I am astonished that he is still playing the same role) and the teacher(Krishi Darshan wale uncle) as usual teaching Hindi and the subject was Prem(love).

The villain was apna AAU guessed rightly Shakti Kapoor whose father Pinchu Kapoor was a big business man and a trustee of the college thus Shakti has the right to create any kind of nuescence with his group of mawali’s in the college campus.

Heroine (Mandabikini) is a daughter of a very rich father (Ramesh Deo) and a very proudy girl who use to wear a high heel sandal and a frock which is just above her mind sorry knee. Her deep neck was the USP of the film and the reason for her selection in the movie. The hero has a crush on her but she hates him as once her big Fiat NE118 damaged the Atlas bicycle of our poor Mithun Da and he insulted her when she offered a couple of 50 Rs. note to repair it.

To make his Dil ki Rani he also sung a song “aapdi ki topdi toti ke baan hai meri amma 18 baras ki chokri jawan hai meri amma” (thanks to the lyric writer mixing African ascent and words to make the song spicy.). All his friends including Rakesh Bedi sychronising all the typical steps of Mithun Da in the back giving complex to our 26 january P.T.rehersal.

Mandakini annoyed with the tamasha and try to slap Mithun Da but Dada was Dada like apna Saurav Da’s fielding, cathched her hand in the air Mandakini shouted “U bloody mera haath choddo” and in reply our Dada confidently said with his typical style
“Arey O (pause).....nakhre wali raees zadi ek baar Hindustani mard haath pakkadta hai to wo saat janam tak nahi chodd ta hai”.The debate continues as they were foreign secretaries of indo-pak in SAARC meet.

To be continued...............

Monday, January 25, 2010

VCR Days-1

While watching a movie today in Zee Cinema my mind took me to the era where watching movie in home was as rare as seeing a glimpse of Bhupen Hazarika in any TV channel now a days.

It was the time when teen agers of India was bored with Renuka Shahane’s Motiyo jaise chamakte daant wala programme Surbhi and Sanjay Khan’s appearing every Sunday with 'Sword of Tipu Sultan' which if watched now can be called pito sar sultan.

The most awaited chitrahaar use to telecast twice in a week with same old Shashi Kapoor type songs but sometimes with enticing songs of new films forcing us to watch them on VCR.

It was the era when watching films in the home with family in Funai’s VCP or Weston’s VCR was as expensive as watching them now in multiplexes with all your relatives including chunnu munnu who could give your patience a roller coaster ride by insisting you to purchase 50 Rs pop corn or cold drink costing almost 10 times of its MRP.

I being the follower of the trend,  convinced my Mom-Dad for hiring a VCP on 26th January to watch 3 brand new films. We hired Funai VCP from Pintu shop with three video cassettes one of which was my all time favorite Mithun Charaborty’s new movie and other two was Ganga Ki Saugandh featuring Indian Brad Pitt Sumit Sehgal and 'Main kab tak Chup Rahungi' starring sweeper deeper star Aditya Pancholi with madrasi Angelina Jolie Amla.

The show started at 11 in the morning,after having a fastly executed Hamam soap bath with Vicco Turmeric application all over my face, parachute coconut oil on my tiny cutted hair and breakfast of half paratha with ghar ka bana aam ka aachar .I sat infront of Salora Black and White  television set which if not sold on the right time could be an antique piece now.

The VCP wale bhaiya took out 2-3 cables from his embroidered carry bag especially stitched to safeguard the most demanding electronic entertaining device of that time. He after fixing all the cables put out the video cassette from his magical carry bag and dusted it with whistling sound (it is still a mystery why he did so).

 The 20 inch fatty B/W screen started blinking unclear picture and the only thing visible was Shemaroo Video reflecting on the top left side of the screen.

I objected to VCP wale bhaiya and after a small surgery of poor channel button we saw the same censor bored certificate which is still unchanged in the latest movie Veer. The Mickey Mouse match of blinking and vanishing the picture in the screen lasted for 10 minutes till the perfect synchronization of TV and VCP took place.

At last the movie started, I was sitting just 2 feet away from the TV, sitting with both my lap folded (Baba Ramdev’s kapal bhati style) and eagerly waiting for the entrance of the Hero.

The Hero entered in a very predictive way with his white P.T. shoes polished with Paintel’s endorsed cherry boot polish. The movie plotted around a college in Mumbai.

To be Continued...............

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Ghostly Encounter

This is a real incident happened with me in the year 2000 and it has changed my perception forever towards the existence of an unknown mysterious world. Read and enjoy.

It was the 3rd week of December, I was in a training room attending my first training programme in a resort near Sagar and waiting eagerly for the official announcement of completion of induction programme. My wait ended soon as our product training manager Mr.Tripathi announced that today is the last day of induction. I rushed to the room of Green valley resort, Sagar where I stayed there for 10 days with my colleague from Raipur, Kamlesh.

I and Kamlesh decided to catch train on the same day from Sagar; we packed our luggage in a hurry and went to Sagar in a Bus. We purchased ticket of HiraKund express, the lady in the counter confirmed that the train will arrive in an hour.

It was 7.15 and we were failed to deceive our appetite resulting mini dinner in railway canteen despite the fact that we can suffer from shortage of money in the journey. After half an hour the train arrived, we rushed in to the general bogie; it was totally packed with passengers and their luggage. Due to Kamlesh’s dominant gigantic body size we manage to occupy a very small space to sit

After an hour my thin sweater stopped working although the doors and windows were fully closed. I started feeling that the gust of cold winds can crack down my bones.

I opened my bag, put out a bed sheet and coiled all around my body but all my efforts were futile. At about 10.10 p.m train stopped in a small station I walked out from the train in a hurry and ran in the platform towards the sleeper coach to search any vacant berth to sleep.

After a minute I found a whole coach vacant, with bated breath I reached the compartment and started convincing Kamlesh to shift there. Kamlesh without any second thought rejected my idea to sleep in a sleeper class with ticket of general class and without having even half of the probable fine.

At about 11oclock the train reached Katni, without losing a single second I hold my bag and jumped out from the compartment, I reached the vacant coach and missionly found a lower berth, I threw my bag near window of the berth and laid down with bed sheet covering me from head to toe.

Around 12.45 I sensed as I am sleeping on an ice berg, I found that the doors were not closed I closed all the four doors of the coach meanwhile I noticed that the coach is a separate coach and it is not interconnected with other coaches from both the ends, I also found that only few passengers are there in the bogie and all of them are sleeping with their blankets covering their faces. Seeing that the freezing winds are entering from the small gaps of the window, I shifted my luggage to the middle berth.

Around 1.15 I heard very low unclear mumbling near my ears, although I was in a sleeping stupor, my subconscious mind strikes that the person may be T.T.I, I acted that I have slept but the irritating voice started gaining loudness. After preparing instant spiel to convince T.T.I, I opened my eyes the light was very dim and the atmosphere was smoggy, unexpectedly I saw a middle aged man sitting in the lower berth and watching me intently.

 I noticed that he is very nervous and confused. apart from his face only thing visible was his high neck black full coat. This was surprising because we Indians don’t wear this kind of clothes especially in this part of the country.

I was still in my seat in lay down position and surprised to see this man in a very filmy getup, the man started mumbling again with nervousness, I told him that I am not able to understand his murmur, he stood from his seat and reached near my face and said clearly with his typical jabalpuria ascent that he is a cloth merchant from Birsingpur and going to Shahdol but he doesn’t have ticket, again he repeated the same sentence but this time he is in requesting mode and asking me to save him.

 These two minutes has vanished my drowsiness and I was intuitively behaving cautiously. He repeatedly pleading me to save him from T.T.I, I told him to relax and sit calmly but he was very nervous and not in the mood to give ears to my advice. It was a difficult time for me realizing that the gentleman is an abnormal fellow and will bother me at least till the next station.

At the second moment the man put out a 100 Rs. note from his pocket, folded it and told me to take it and give it to T.T.I as he don’t have ticket, I was shocked and my mind started drawing assorted inferences, the conclusive thought indicating that he may be a robber or a psycho killer.

Next second he insisted me to take that note of 100 Rs, I refused the offer but within a fraction of second he came closer to me and he tried to put that note forcefully in my shirt’s pocket in spite of the fact that the shirt was covered with the sweater. I was traumatized and after a small struggle the note was there in my pocket. Meanwhile I noticed that his head was touching the roof of the coach.

My brain was unable to process the input given by my eyes; the gentleman reminded me again to give 100 Rs note to the T.T.I and walked away from there. I jumped from the middle berth and followed him but he was not there, I searched him every where in the coach including all four washrooms but not able to found him or any thing related to him.

My mind reminded me that the coach is a separate one and it is not connected to rest of the train; I noticed that all the windows and doors were closed from inside, the train was running with a speed more than 100 Kms per hour. Every thought was establishing the fact that the man I met 2 minutes before doesn’t belongs to this world.

This conclusion frightened me terribly; my body was shivering with fear and dripping with cold sweat. The circumstances was very scary, I was standing in the space between the two washrooms, murmuring names of almost all the God and Goddess including mythological and historical heroes of the country, pleading them all to take me out from this bloodcurdling situation.

 After a minute I restored some courage, moved near the door, opened it and realized that the freezing winds which insisted me to shift from general compartment to this haunted vacant coach is failed to stop my dripping sweat.

I looked at my wrist watch, it was 1.30 and my heartbeat was sprinting as if it is in contest with the train’s speed.

After horrifying few minutes the train speed’s started slowing down and my heartbeat too, the reason, I detected lights emitting from residences and street poles although they were few Kms away from me but it indicated that station is a matter of a minute or two.

My expectation turned in to reality soon when the train entered in to platform no.1 of Shahdol. The train was sauntering slowly; I jumped from the train without even waiting for it to stop. I ran towards the general bogie without my luggage, with in half a minute I breathlessly reached the bogie. I saw some passengers were arranging their luggage etc to exit while others were struggling hard to enter in the bogie and making space for them to sit.

Kamlesh was sleeping with his hands folded around his knees and his head under his forearms. I hollered at Kamlesh, he surprisingly awaked and saw my face which was white with fear, he asked me to sit besides him. After relaxing for a minute or two I narrated the whole incidence to Kamlesh while narrating I observed that an old man sitting in front of our seat is listening me very carefully.

Kamlesh and other passengers told me that the train has not stopped any where between Katni and Shahdol moreover HiraKund Express doesn’t have a stoppage in Birsingpur. Although the time when the train crossed from Birsingpur coincided with the time the incident happened with me. All these confirmations proved that the incident occurred with me was very unusual and the person who horrified me was a Ghost.

The old man asked me to show the 100 Rs note to him, I showed him and also to Kamlesh. He in reply told me that this incident has happened with many passengers particularly in this route. He told that few years ago a man from Birsingpur jumped from the train after T.T.I and RPF constables found him without ticket.

 Till today I am unable to solve this mystery, the 100 Rs. note is still lying with me, the unusual incidences which includes his head touching the roof of the bogie, his astonishing disappearment from the train etc will always be an unsolved mystery for me.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

My four alcoholic years of school time.

Thanks for reading and appreciating my last post on Kumar Sanu songs. Good to know from most of you that romanticizing with Hindi film songs is a very common phenomenon and everyone relates themselves with Hindi songs in their own way.

Today I want to share something which is very personal.To understand it well, I have to take you all to flashback. I was in 8th standard and have migrated with some of my class mates from I.C.S.E. run convent Prakash Vidyalaya to C.B.S.E affiliated project school B.I.O.P sr.

 It was a lollypop for me, reason was very simple, firstly the course was comparatively easy and secondly unofficial permission to bunk periods. Moreover due to densely populated classes no body bothers to monitor homework etc.

I was enjoying freedom and was very happy that I have convinced my parents for school change. Everything was running smoothly until that picnic which has changed my life to some extent. We were 21 students from the strength of 48 students of class 8(b) who contributed 20 Rs. each to attend picnic in Malangir Valley organized by my dear friends Manoj Patel and Manveer Parmar.

As per our plan we all 21 class mates started our journey of 11 Kms at 7 a.m. from our school. It was the month of September and the morning was very pleasant. The journey was adventurous but very exhaustive. Finally we reached the picnic spot, after an hour of fun, the girls started preparing food in temporary cooking kiln made up of four bricks.

 The group of dominant boys moved inside the jungle with their hand bags, I being the youngest member of the naughty gang also followed them. After a walk of more than half Kms one of them opened the bag and with the help of his teeth, he opened the Maharani Brand bear. He started drinking large sips, the fen was bubbling out from the bottle.

 I was shocked to see everything happening in front of me dramatically. I started founding butterflies dancing in my stomach, he offered me a sip, I refused the offer instinctly but at the second moment I accepted it. The bottle was in the hand of a 13 year old boy and in the next second the material inside the bottle was in his stomach. The taste was unfamiliar and insipid but the bear has done its work.
I started feeling blissful addictive kicks all around my head.

I was unknown to the fact that my first kiss to the bottle would last more than one and a half decade. Yes, the cycle of saving Rs 23 to buy a bottle of maharani or Punjab bear started in class 8th. Affair with bear ended soon and whisky has taken its place in class 9th.

 In class 10th my love for music started growing with the growing needs for liquor. Soon, I got caught many a times in home resulting ban on pocket money. Now I started searching relatively cheaper method to fulfill my drinking desire.

Till class 10th I was not habituated and use to drink once or twice in a week. Actually, it was class 11th where I felt that I need it regularly and group of like minded friends worked as a catalyst in the context. I started bunking periods with my classmate and friend P.Sharath, Atan Sarkar and Amit Aiyyer. We also have another friend from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jitendra Arora.

We use to go to KRUPP Point in the day time and VIEW point in evening and some times in night. Both the spots were 15 and 25 Kms above from the main town respectively. Krupp point was named after Kruppa uncle who searched that place.

 It was an excellent picnic spot with all the adventurous elements like small water fall, swimming space and most important thing ‘isolation’ from the outer world. We use to take cane full of Salfi(also called as Bastar bear tastes like Tadi) and Mama Daru(affordable liquor prepared by tribes).

We use to buy bread costing 2 Rs at that time and Nilons pickle from Gupta hotel for biting with salfi and mama daru.I still remember one funny incident which took place at Krupp Point. Sharath after drinking 2 bottles of Salfi, without having a single cloth in his body screamed from the top of the water fall with his typical malyaly tone ‘Main aa raha hoon Basanti” and jumped in the water.

This friendship continues in class 12th also and so our drinking. After 12th I went to Visakhapatnam for higher studies fortunately at that time there was a ban on liquor in Andhra Pradesh and it helped me actually to take control on my senses again. After few years it all started again but this time the quantity and frequency of intake has crossed the normal limits.

There was always a guilt conscious in me for the reason that drinking is not in my genes but as it all started very early in class 8th, it took so much of commitment and will power to overcome this habit. I realize that it has filched my best period which has affected my life badly specially my career but it has made me learn so many lessons from life which can not be discussed here.

 I quitted drinking in 2006 and believe that it was the toughest time of my life. Liquor doesn’t excite me any more, it is just a forbidden stuff for me. Very soon I will pen down my struggle and pain undergone in the process of quitting liquor along with the tips which helped me in doing so.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Romantic musical journey with Kumar Sanu songs.

"Kitni hasrat hai hame tumse dil lagane ki,
 Paas aane ki tumhe zindagi me lane ki"

My idea of romanticizing with Hindi film songs started with the film ‘Qayamat se Qayamat tak’ in the year 1988 whose melodious songs forced me to sense some hormonal changes even before adolescence. Then only I realized that I have it in me, the emotions which generates automatically when some mellow tunes enter my ears. Again in 1989 it continues with the film”Maine Pyar Kiya” .

I saw the film 14 times. It was all there in the movie. Gorgeous Bhagyashree with her extremely opulent voice and Salman doing everything a young boy imagines in his life.

But the major change took place musically when Aashiqui released and the biggest star of hindi music industry Kumar Sanu started his second innings with the bang. With the unusual looks and hairstyle Rahul Roy also contributed to the film but it was the music of Nadeem-Shravan which broke all the record.

The hit songs included Sanson ki zaroorat hai jaise, Tu meri zindagi hain, Nazar ke saamne, Jaane jigar jaaneman, Dheere, dheere se meri zindagi mein aana and film fare award winning ‘Ab Tere Bin Jee Lenge Hum’.

In 1991 his voice created magic again in the songs of Dil hai ki manta nahi, the title song has won an award for my sister in school competition. One of the song from the film which I liked the most is ‘Kaise mizaj aapke hain Farmaiye’.

 I request my readers to download it and hear it to sense the feelings Sanu has put in the song. Another hit song ‘tumhe apna banana ki kasam khai hai’ from film sadak also strikes in 1991.I remember those days, I was very shy and only use to sing in bathroom or in front of my elder sister who was like a musical mentor for me.

At that time we have a small Philips mono tape recorder and with the help of a pitcher(matka) and a small speaker derived from my fathers radio we had modified it to sound like a deck.
I was in 7th standard when Saajan released and its music took the entire nation by rage. Even now the film fare award winning song ‘Mera dil bhi kitna Pagal hai” raise my emotions to the extreme level everytime I hear it.

He strikes again with his luscious voice and won Filmfare for the song”sochenge tumhe pyar karein ki nahi”from the film Deewana for the year 1992 and for “yeh kaali kaali aankhein” from the film Baazigar in 1993. One of his best romantic song ‘Seene me dil hai dil me hai dhadkan’is from Raju ban gaya gentleman released in 1992.

It happens with only Kumar Sanu songs that it exerts your heart to extract emotions out while listening and the perfect example is all the songs from 1942-A love story. I was in class 10th and in the peak of my adolescence.

 All the songs were fantastically crafted by Pancham Da and spectacularly sung by Sanu Da. Same time when songs from 1942 was charting top on Philips top ten on Zee t.v, my Philips mono tape was in the coma and use to go every now and then to Pintu shop which was the only repairing shop available there.

 I insisted my parents to buy a stereo but not able to convince them. Ultimately me and my sister revolted and we got Philips stereo next day.

Due to  tuitions and pressure of Board exam I use to get very less time to hear music so I use to hear it in the night with the help of ear phone. Several nights I have not slept just for hearing songs of 1942.

It seems that every song was crafted by the blessings of Goddess Saraswati. ‘Kuch na kaho, kuch bhi na kaho’ and ‘Rimzhim rumzhum’ are my all time favorite songs. Again Sanu won Filmfare for the song ‘ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga’. Credit should also be given to Javed Akhtar for his fabulous lyric writing.

 One more song which cant be ignored is ‘Chura ke dil mera goriya chali’ from the film Main khiladi tu anari. This peppy song holds a special place in my heart not only because of its excellent choreography but also due to the chemistry reflected in the screen between handsome Akki and sexy Shilpa Sheety.

Sanu’s romantic voices continues to break records in 1995 with the phenomenal success of song “Tujhe dekha to ye jaana sanam” from the film Dilwale dulhaniya le jayenge. In 1997 Salman came back with Jab pyar kisi se hota hai.

The album comprises one of the best romantic song ‘Madhosh dil ki dhadkan’. One more song from the same film has the longest aalap of Sanu ‘heyheyhey…….o jaana na jaana’. Sanu and Shahrukh both were in the peak of their carrer and Pardes was the best example where Sanu’s voice has complemented Shaharukh in the soft romantic number ‘Do dil mil rahe hain magar chupke chupke’.

I rank this song as the best soft romantic number of all time. I heard this song thousands of time and found it sweeter then before every time I plug it.

The scrumptious voice of Sanu da particularly in this song just dilutes honey in your ears and if you are a music lover then it takes you directly to musical heaven. I was in the first year of my college when this film released and also experiencing my first crush with one of my class mate.

Late 90’s was an era where soft and melodious songs were on the air but unlike early 90’s good music doesn’t guarantees box office success and Kareeb was the perfect example. ‘Haan judai se darta hai Dil’ was sung with by profound intense voice unlike the other song of the film ‘chori chori jab nazrein mili’ which was sung with a very supple voice.

Another hit film pyar to hona hi tha also released in the same year. Ajay Devgan with his expressive eyes complemented Sanu’s extremely romantic number”Jab kisi ki taraf dil jhukne lage”. In 1999 he has fitted another intense romantic song under his belt by singing ‘Aankho ki gustakhiyan maaf ho’ from Hum dil de chuke sanam. .

In the year 2000, Sanu slowed his amazing recording schedule a bit, due to some disturbance in his personal life and also due to diagnosis of 1st stage of throat cancer.very few know that he is still under medication. His hit songs continue although he slowed down and sang chosen songs only.

Post 2000 only few numbers has been able to create that magic again one of that is ‘Der se hua par pyar to hua re’from ‘Hum ho gaye aap ke’. One song which tops chart in my i-pod is from the film Kasoor ‘Dekha jo tumko ye dil ko kya hua hai’. This songs has all the essential elements to suit the intense and deep Kumar Sanu style.

In the year 2000 his magic was fading for me and simultaneously my romantic imagination, which was linked with his songs, the reason I was in my early 20’s and started coming out of imagination and experiencing the real one. The imaginative romantic musical journey of more then a decade with Sanu’s Da songs finally comes to an end in the year 2001.

I was never a die hard fan of Sanu da but I believe he is one of the greatest singer bollywood has ever produced. All his songs I mentioned above are penetrated deep inside me and I expect him to go on and on.
Recently he was awarded with Padmashri by Government of India for his contribution to hindi music industry. I am ending by one of my favourite song of Sanu da.

“Tu mile dil khile aur jeene ko kya chahiye

Na ho tu udaas tere paas paas main rahunga zindagi bhar,

Saare sansar ka pyar maine tujhi me paya

Tu mile dil khile aur jeene ko kya chahiye”

Sunday, November 29, 2009


“I convince my soul, be tranquil, and wait without hope
  For Hope would be hope for the wrong thing….”

Above these lines are very relevant when I talk of my golden olden days of Kirandul as I know that they will never come back again and the only thing left would be nostalgia.

Coming back to ‘newbaatein’ lot of my friends asked me why I used this title for my blog instead they suggested me ‘old baatein’ as I usually write on my childhood and school days memories.

Yesterday,I with my beloved wife went to satyam talkies to watch Priyadarshan’s ‘De danadan’ after a small struggle for tickets we entered in to the theatre. With series of colured dim lights, the theatre was struggling hard to conceal its age. The chairs were torn and the atmosphere was depressive.

Being a hardcore fan of Akshay I convinced my wife for Dedanadan instead of her choice ‘Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani’. After few minutes the film started,  the depressive ambiance vanished and a chilled atmosphere taken over.

Starting with few good scenes moving around a kidnapping plot, the movie starts going in to various opposite directions with a desperate plea to make you laugh. Post interval it looks like the director and the whole unit somehow lost their original script in the transit and just went on the shooting as per their outdoor schedule.

After an hour the movie has nothing related to a story and it just has all characters confusingly following each other with mistaken identities. Collectively living in a 5 star hotel, everyone keeps barging into unknown rooms trying to create some hilarious scenes for the viewers.

I realized that the idea to overcome my wife’s choice and watching this movie was a spiteful idea. In the interval we ate patties with cold drinks and found it spicier than the movie. Post intermission the biggest star of the movie Akshay vanishes from the screen for more than half an hour.

Dedanadan has loads of absurdities in its narration, which fail to convince even if you take them as a part of brainless comedy flick. I am again surprised to see another Akshay Kumar movie with the same mindless comedy. It’s now mandatory to leave our thinking brains at home to see him in silver screen. Moreover he is not entirely there in the movie.

He starts off with some good scenes with Archana Puran Singh but later gets lost in the overcrowded star cast. First time I found Paresh Rawal over acting with his intentional Punjabi ascent. Suniel shetty and Chunky Pandey are faded stars which can be substituted by new comers and even TV actors. Performance wise Sameera Reddy and Katrina Kaif were just ok.

Song ‘Paisa Paisa’ was the only best 3minutes where I enjoyed the most in the whole movie. Overall it’s just another instance of poor content with mindless script and storyline. I advice my friends and readers not to waste time and money by purchasing expensive tickets rather watch it on DVD. Post your comments and help me in improving my writing.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prakash Vidyalaya Days

Thanks for reading and appreciating my previous post ’old lady with torn clothes’ which has created nosiness to most of you resulting lots of phone calls and mails from kirandulians all around the globe. Everybody was keen to know the name of the lady who was the central character of the real story. I know the curiosity will remain for a long time but there are certain reasons which stopped me to disclose her identity.

Today I will make my schoolmate remembers the golden old days of Kirandul. Born in the family of teachers, I was brought up with the core bookish values which are partially relevant now a days.

I remember my first day at Prakash Vidyalaya Kirandul, I with my neighbour and friend Prem Prakash who was also debuting with me on the same day joined the class room which was totally packed with new debutants. I still remember Sheetal Patel (one of my classmate from junior kg to 8th) was crying and shouting for her mother who was standing outside the class room.

I remember Roshan Minj who with his wet half pants moving all around the classroom. It was a totally new experience for me and Prem but we both were calm and cool as we have tied each others hand and feeling confident than the other kids. Second day was relatively better than the first day and kids were somewhat settled than the previous day.

I was an average student from day one till the last day in that great school. My love and respect for my teachers always motivates me and I pray for them all. I have not forgotten the special pinch by the principal “Father Kutianical’ rather missing it as every pinch has teached me lessons of life.

I also miss the bamboo stick of Shashidharan Sir, the pencil punishment by Phoney Madam, the shrill and thunderous voice of Verma Madam, The taunting and insulting Nandulkar madam, The dangerous poisoning Murmur of Clear Sister, The wiry and stormy stick of Shanta Madam, The joyful Krishnamurty Madam.

All of them were stars and brand with their typical but excellent teaching abilities and dedication towards the school and students. I badly miss my tuition teacher Jaya madam who has changed me from an introvert to a gregarious extrovert person and by her efforts only I gained confidence which is still helping me in my life. I feel proud to be an alumnus of Prakash Vidyalaya as it has given the foundation and values which are embossed on me as my instinct.

I sometime pray to God that give me rebirth in the same place with same parents ,same teachers and friends like you all. Tomorrow I will narrate journey of my four yrs in BIOP sr secondary school. Pls give your valuable comments on my blog to improve it.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Old lady with torn clothes

First of all thanks for reading my previous post and appreciating it. Frds today i want to share an incident happened with me last week in railway station which has stunned me and I am still traumatized.

 I was in Raipur railway station waiting for Janshatabdi express to go my home town Bilaspur .I was on platform no.1 with disposable cup of tea in my hands feeling the arrival of winter season and enjoying sips of hot tea. I moved on to A.H.W book stall to buy Hindi edition of 'India Today' suddenly I saw an old lady whom my mind recognized but my heart was struggling hard to believe that I know her very well.

She has wrinkles all over her face and  her untidy greyish hair whispering that she has not washed them from weeks, her lean and thin body suggesting that she has not taken nutritive food from months. I was shocked when my mind processed that face and ultimately resulted that she was one of the resident of sheet quarters, Kirandul where I spended my childhood.

In the mean time I realized that my train is whistling, I have given 15 Rs. to the stall keeper and moved in the train. Coincidentally I got the window seat in front of that bookstall where this old lady was standing with her hands in begging position requesting almost everyone crossing near her for food and money. In a quandary state of mind I was thinking of her two sons who were almost 10 yrs elder than me and use to play with me when I was 5-6 yrs of age.

Lots of questions were arising in my mind regarding two of them. The five minute scenario had already disturbed me a lot and I wanted to forgot all that. In the mean time the train has given final whistle and it started moving slowly.

 All of a sudden I realized that I should help her and with my laptop bag I jumped out from the train not realizing that the speed has crossed the border level. I fell down but anyhow I managed my laptop bag to land safely in the platform. In the mean time I saw two GRP constable shouting on me, I dusted my clothes and moved towards bookstall where that lady was still begging with her low voice.

 I went near her and asked wheather she remembers me or not. she with her white surprised eyes has not replied me once but again I asked her, she with her andhrite ascent replied me in 'no'. I again asked her whether she is from Kirandul, this time I saw a pain scattering in her face rapidly. She with her howling low voice said yes.

 I asked her about her family she again with her weeping voice told me that her husband died 15 yrs ago and her two sons don't have a space neither in their home nor in their heart for their mother. What surprised me was that when she told me one of her son is in Indian army serving as an officer and another one is an engineer in secundarabad.

I asked her about their addresses but she denies that she doesn't wants to see their faces in rest of her life. I observed  her Sari which was torn from many places and even she doesn’t have any woolen cloth to prevent her from frosty weather.

I requested her to come with me in the canteen, she slowly followed me. I ordered a veg meal for her, she asked me my name, I told her my name Rinku and asked her about my mother, she instantly replied in yes. While she was eating I saw many of the customers including the canteen manager staring me as I am an alien. I paid the bill and given five notes of 100 Rs. to old lady instructing her to buy some clothes and shawl for her.

She with her wet eyes refused to take money but I insisted her to accept as a gift from her son. She told me that she lives in railway platform in Raipur and not ready to go in any ashram or old age home. I saw the time on my wrist watch it was 8.30, I touched her feet and given my visiting card to her so that she can contact me in any need.

It’s almost five days now since this incident takes place and I am still feeling very distressed. This incident is only a reflection of what’s happening in our society and it also proves the importance of financial planning. Friends give me your valuable suggestions which will help me in improving my blogging.