Sunday, December 13, 2009

My four alcoholic years of school time.

Thanks for reading and appreciating my last post on Kumar Sanu songs. Good to know from most of you that romanticizing with Hindi film songs is a very common phenomenon and everyone relates themselves with Hindi songs in their own way.

Today I want to share something which is very personal.To understand it well, I have to take you all to flashback. I was in 8th standard and have migrated with some of my class mates from I.C.S.E. run convent Prakash Vidyalaya to C.B.S.E affiliated project school B.I.O.P sr.

 It was a lollypop for me, reason was very simple, firstly the course was comparatively easy and secondly unofficial permission to bunk periods. Moreover due to densely populated classes no body bothers to monitor homework etc.

I was enjoying freedom and was very happy that I have convinced my parents for school change. Everything was running smoothly until that picnic which has changed my life to some extent. We were 21 students from the strength of 48 students of class 8(b) who contributed 20 Rs. each to attend picnic in Malangir Valley organized by my dear friends Manoj Patel and Manveer Parmar.

As per our plan we all 21 class mates started our journey of 11 Kms at 7 a.m. from our school. It was the month of September and the morning was very pleasant. The journey was adventurous but very exhaustive. Finally we reached the picnic spot, after an hour of fun, the girls started preparing food in temporary cooking kiln made up of four bricks.

 The group of dominant boys moved inside the jungle with their hand bags, I being the youngest member of the naughty gang also followed them. After a walk of more than half Kms one of them opened the bag and with the help of his teeth, he opened the Maharani Brand bear. He started drinking large sips, the fen was bubbling out from the bottle.

 I was shocked to see everything happening in front of me dramatically. I started founding butterflies dancing in my stomach, he offered me a sip, I refused the offer instinctly but at the second moment I accepted it. The bottle was in the hand of a 13 year old boy and in the next second the material inside the bottle was in his stomach. The taste was unfamiliar and insipid but the bear has done its work.
I started feeling blissful addictive kicks all around my head.

I was unknown to the fact that my first kiss to the bottle would last more than one and a half decade. Yes, the cycle of saving Rs 23 to buy a bottle of maharani or Punjab bear started in class 8th. Affair with bear ended soon and whisky has taken its place in class 9th.

 In class 10th my love for music started growing with the growing needs for liquor. Soon, I got caught many a times in home resulting ban on pocket money. Now I started searching relatively cheaper method to fulfill my drinking desire.

Till class 10th I was not habituated and use to drink once or twice in a week. Actually, it was class 11th where I felt that I need it regularly and group of like minded friends worked as a catalyst in the context. I started bunking periods with my classmate and friend P.Sharath, Atan Sarkar and Amit Aiyyer. We also have another friend from Kendriya Vidyalaya Jitendra Arora.

We use to go to KRUPP Point in the day time and VIEW point in evening and some times in night. Both the spots were 15 and 25 Kms above from the main town respectively. Krupp point was named after Kruppa uncle who searched that place.

 It was an excellent picnic spot with all the adventurous elements like small water fall, swimming space and most important thing ‘isolation’ from the outer world. We use to take cane full of Salfi(also called as Bastar bear tastes like Tadi) and Mama Daru(affordable liquor prepared by tribes).

We use to buy bread costing 2 Rs at that time and Nilons pickle from Gupta hotel for biting with salfi and mama daru.I still remember one funny incident which took place at Krupp Point. Sharath after drinking 2 bottles of Salfi, without having a single cloth in his body screamed from the top of the water fall with his typical malyaly tone ‘Main aa raha hoon Basanti” and jumped in the water.

This friendship continues in class 12th also and so our drinking. After 12th I went to Visakhapatnam for higher studies fortunately at that time there was a ban on liquor in Andhra Pradesh and it helped me actually to take control on my senses again. After few years it all started again but this time the quantity and frequency of intake has crossed the normal limits.

There was always a guilt conscious in me for the reason that drinking is not in my genes but as it all started very early in class 8th, it took so much of commitment and will power to overcome this habit. I realize that it has filched my best period which has affected my life badly specially my career but it has made me learn so many lessons from life which can not be discussed here.

 I quitted drinking in 2006 and believe that it was the toughest time of my life. Liquor doesn’t excite me any more, it is just a forbidden stuff for me. Very soon I will pen down my struggle and pain undergone in the process of quitting liquor along with the tips which helped me in doing so.


  1. good one buddy........i was reading this on a sunday afternoon and it made me go back to the those good old kirandul days.


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  3. Good one bhaiya ..nice to read ur childhood secret .. it was fun to read it :p in early morning !!

  4. Really's an eye opening writes although more or less it happens with all the teenagers... :)

  5. I will wait for ur next know how this delinquent teenager reformed himself into a spiritual adult.. Nice post..


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