Monday, January 25, 2010

VCR Days-1

While watching a movie today in Zee Cinema my mind took me to the era where watching movie in home was as rare as seeing a glimpse of Bhupen Hazarika in any TV channel now a days.

It was the time when teen agers of India was bored with Renuka Shahane’s Motiyo jaise chamakte daant wala programme Surbhi and Sanjay Khan’s appearing every Sunday with 'Sword of Tipu Sultan' which if watched now can be called pito sar sultan.

The most awaited chitrahaar use to telecast twice in a week with same old Shashi Kapoor type songs but sometimes with enticing songs of new films forcing us to watch them on VCR.

It was the era when watching films in the home with family in Funai’s VCP or Weston’s VCR was as expensive as watching them now in multiplexes with all your relatives including chunnu munnu who could give your patience a roller coaster ride by insisting you to purchase 50 Rs pop corn or cold drink costing almost 10 times of its MRP.

I being the follower of the trend,  convinced my Mom-Dad for hiring a VCP on 26th January to watch 3 brand new films. We hired Funai VCP from Pintu shop with three video cassettes one of which was my all time favorite Mithun Charaborty’s new movie and other two was Ganga Ki Saugandh featuring Indian Brad Pitt Sumit Sehgal and 'Main kab tak Chup Rahungi' starring sweeper deeper star Aditya Pancholi with madrasi Angelina Jolie Amla.

The show started at 11 in the morning,after having a fastly executed Hamam soap bath with Vicco Turmeric application all over my face, parachute coconut oil on my tiny cutted hair and breakfast of half paratha with ghar ka bana aam ka aachar .I sat infront of Salora Black and White  television set which if not sold on the right time could be an antique piece now.

The VCP wale bhaiya took out 2-3 cables from his embroidered carry bag especially stitched to safeguard the most demanding electronic entertaining device of that time. He after fixing all the cables put out the video cassette from his magical carry bag and dusted it with whistling sound (it is still a mystery why he did so).

 The 20 inch fatty B/W screen started blinking unclear picture and the only thing visible was Shemaroo Video reflecting on the top left side of the screen.

I objected to VCP wale bhaiya and after a small surgery of poor channel button we saw the same censor bored certificate which is still unchanged in the latest movie Veer. The Mickey Mouse match of blinking and vanishing the picture in the screen lasted for 10 minutes till the perfect synchronization of TV and VCP took place.

At last the movie started, I was sitting just 2 feet away from the TV, sitting with both my lap folded (Baba Ramdev’s kapal bhati style) and eagerly waiting for the entrance of the Hero.

The Hero entered in a very predictive way with his white P.T. shoes polished with Paintel’s endorsed cherry boot polish. The movie plotted around a college in Mumbai.

To be Continued...............

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