Saturday, February 6, 2010

VCR Days-3

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“Main tujhe sabak sikha ke rahungi u bastard”and walks away as she is walking on a Ramp endorsing Reena Dhaka’s nonsense dress. Rakesh Bedi with one of his bespectacled friends provokes Mithun Da resulting oath from Dada ‘Iska guroor todna hoga’.

In a fraction of second Shakti Kapoor with his mawali friends try to looted the ijjat of the heroni stops Mandabikini near the badminton court saying
“kamini bahot ghamand hai tuje apni jawani pe main aaj tera ghamand todunga”

with bated breath I anticipated Ram teri Ganga maili kind of paisa vasool stuff but all in vain as our Mithun Da jumped from the fifth floor of the building to save her. (I still think! Wat da hell he was doing on the 5th floor and y his name was not registered in Guinness Records after all he has broken the record of Sargei Bubka). Suresh Kalmadi should rethink Dada's candidature for long jump and high jump in coming commonwealth games.

Dada pulped Shakti and his friends with new form of martial arts which can even give complex to Jetli( Fascinating fact: Mithunda is also a Li…..???? Bengali)

This was enough to lighten the spark of love in Mandabikini’s heart and within a minute’s exchange of the 3 words ILU both were in switzerland singing Anand Bakshi song with the maha romantic voice of Mohd.Aziz(Munna) and Anuradha Paudwal.The scientists are still working hard to know the secret of transpacing within seconds from Mumbai to Switzerland.

After college scene Mithun Da reached his home which was in a slum area. Nirupama Roy who played the widow mother of the hero was very ill and use to sew clothes of the mohalla wala while her healthy sister played by Tanvi Azmi is unwed and doing bartan kapda for her time pass. Both of them wearing old faded and torn clothes but our hero Mithun Da’s eshtyle resembles him to Prince Charles.

After the lunch, Nirupama Roy’s started coughing on a very high intensity and the frustu sister offering last few drops of Glycodin(khasi ke liye to bas glycodin) which failed to stop the asthmatic attack. Doctor (Iftekhar Khan) came and after examining closely to same aged Nirupama Roy with his sexothoscope
the doctor ask Mithun to came outside and says

‘Inhe dil ka daura pada hai maine inhe neend ka injection de diya hai aur kuch dawaiya bhi likhi hai par inke lungs ka operation jaldi se jaldi karwana padega’

To be continued...............

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