Sunday, November 29, 2009


“I convince my soul, be tranquil, and wait without hope
  For Hope would be hope for the wrong thing….”

Above these lines are very relevant when I talk of my golden olden days of Kirandul as I know that they will never come back again and the only thing left would be nostalgia.

Coming back to ‘newbaatein’ lot of my friends asked me why I used this title for my blog instead they suggested me ‘old baatein’ as I usually write on my childhood and school days memories.

Yesterday,I with my beloved wife went to satyam talkies to watch Priyadarshan’s ‘De danadan’ after a small struggle for tickets we entered in to the theatre. With series of colured dim lights, the theatre was struggling hard to conceal its age. The chairs were torn and the atmosphere was depressive.

Being a hardcore fan of Akshay I convinced my wife for Dedanadan instead of her choice ‘Ajab prem ki ghazab kahani’. After few minutes the film started,  the depressive ambiance vanished and a chilled atmosphere taken over.

Starting with few good scenes moving around a kidnapping plot, the movie starts going in to various opposite directions with a desperate plea to make you laugh. Post interval it looks like the director and the whole unit somehow lost their original script in the transit and just went on the shooting as per their outdoor schedule.

After an hour the movie has nothing related to a story and it just has all characters confusingly following each other with mistaken identities. Collectively living in a 5 star hotel, everyone keeps barging into unknown rooms trying to create some hilarious scenes for the viewers.

I realized that the idea to overcome my wife’s choice and watching this movie was a spiteful idea. In the interval we ate patties with cold drinks and found it spicier than the movie. Post intermission the biggest star of the movie Akshay vanishes from the screen for more than half an hour.

Dedanadan has loads of absurdities in its narration, which fail to convince even if you take them as a part of brainless comedy flick. I am again surprised to see another Akshay Kumar movie with the same mindless comedy. It’s now mandatory to leave our thinking brains at home to see him in silver screen. Moreover he is not entirely there in the movie.

He starts off with some good scenes with Archana Puran Singh but later gets lost in the overcrowded star cast. First time I found Paresh Rawal over acting with his intentional Punjabi ascent. Suniel shetty and Chunky Pandey are faded stars which can be substituted by new comers and even TV actors. Performance wise Sameera Reddy and Katrina Kaif were just ok.

Song ‘Paisa Paisa’ was the only best 3minutes where I enjoyed the most in the whole movie. Overall it’s just another instance of poor content with mindless script and storyline. I advice my friends and readers not to waste time and money by purchasing expensive tickets rather watch it on DVD. Post your comments and help me in improving my writing.

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