Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Prakash Vidyalaya Days

Thanks for reading and appreciating my previous post ’old lady with torn clothes’ which has created nosiness to most of you resulting lots of phone calls and mails from kirandulians all around the globe. Everybody was keen to know the name of the lady who was the central character of the real story. I know the curiosity will remain for a long time but there are certain reasons which stopped me to disclose her identity.

Today I will make my schoolmate remembers the golden old days of Kirandul. Born in the family of teachers, I was brought up with the core bookish values which are partially relevant now a days.

I remember my first day at Prakash Vidyalaya Kirandul, I with my neighbour and friend Prem Prakash who was also debuting with me on the same day joined the class room which was totally packed with new debutants. I still remember Sheetal Patel (one of my classmate from junior kg to 8th) was crying and shouting for her mother who was standing outside the class room.

I remember Roshan Minj who with his wet half pants moving all around the classroom. It was a totally new experience for me and Prem but we both were calm and cool as we have tied each others hand and feeling confident than the other kids. Second day was relatively better than the first day and kids were somewhat settled than the previous day.

I was an average student from day one till the last day in that great school. My love and respect for my teachers always motivates me and I pray for them all. I have not forgotten the special pinch by the principal “Father Kutianical’ rather missing it as every pinch has teached me lessons of life.

I also miss the bamboo stick of Shashidharan Sir, the pencil punishment by Phoney Madam, the shrill and thunderous voice of Verma Madam, The taunting and insulting Nandulkar madam, The dangerous poisoning Murmur of Clear Sister, The wiry and stormy stick of Shanta Madam, The joyful Krishnamurty Madam.

All of them were stars and brand with their typical but excellent teaching abilities and dedication towards the school and students. I badly miss my tuition teacher Jaya madam who has changed me from an introvert to a gregarious extrovert person and by her efforts only I gained confidence which is still helping me in my life. I feel proud to be an alumnus of Prakash Vidyalaya as it has given the foundation and values which are embossed on me as my instinct.

I sometime pray to God that give me rebirth in the same place with same parents ,same teachers and friends like you all. Tomorrow I will narrate journey of my four yrs in BIOP sr secondary school. Pls give your valuable comments on my blog to improve it.


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  2. hai ritesh i have read ur blogs u remembered me the olden days thing that i memorise that the great nena sister the dentist for did u forgot nena sister. the olden days are golden days but they never returns .........only kept foot prints in our mind.


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